Sunrise Children’s Home


Some of you may have heard that Sunrise’s 501c3 has been approved.  It’s true!  We were approved just this month and are now able to begin moving  forward in the tedious process of setting up a nonprofit charitable organization.

As for now, there are NO CHANGES in how you donate to Sunrise Children’s Home or in where you send your child sponsorship donations.

Everything is remaining the same for now and when things change we will send you details of how to continue donating.

Thank you,   Richard and Rhonda Hanssen


Home in a Village Far Far  away…

Uhekule is a remote village in the southern highlands of Tanzania with an elevation of 6,000 feet.

Like so many places in Africa, Uhekule is a village ravaged by the effects of HIV/AIDS. There are many children in the primary school who were orphaned when their parents died of AIDS.