From the Heart of the Site Administrator…

Dear Friends of Kay,

This is a special note from the heart of me, Gail, the site administrators.  So please humor me…

My mother, Barbara Ernst, who was a potter, sculptor, and artist in so many other media and had a great passion for everything she did.  From her 2 daughters to the dogs, cats, and horses she called her children.  She even considered her art her children they almost literally came alive in her hands.  She was never very serious about painting and drawing because she didn’t feel she had a physical relationship with them.  Though she would doodle around with them, they never were the same to her… she could not hold and caress them like her other children.  Oh she had her good children and bad, most of the time I was one of the bad ones…  but my sister and I, along with all of her art were still her children.

She had a creative side that never slept and if she wasn’t working on some piece of art, her love for books and reading came out.  She always loved any chance to read to children…  I remember her reading to my son as a baby.  How animated she would get every time she would read to him or any other child for that matter.  You should of heard her read “The Night Before Christmas”!  I am sure that is where my son gets his love for books that he has these days.

So with this love books and a passion for her art, she brought the two together.  A child in this media of hers that others could physically hold and share with their children.

I am sure you are all wondering what this has to do with Bibi Kay?  The book is “The Song of the Kalahari” and its about a village boy in Africa.  It was written in 1996 and she passed away in 1997 from cancer.  Years before there was any thoughts of “Sunrise Orphanage” in Uhekule Village.

Who would have ever dreamed a children’s book, dreamed up in a women’s mind dealing with cancer, would ever make it to a little village far far away, to the children I am sure she was imagining while she wrote this book.

The picture above is of Bibi Kay reading my mothers book to the children in Uhekule Village.  I am sure my mother is smiling up in Heaven listening to every word, as Kay reads it, knowing the book is doing some good for a worthwhile cause in a little village far away.  We gave a few of these books to Kay before she went back in Oct. 2008 to start building the orphanage.  They now reside in the Library at Uhekule Village today.

Thanks for giving me this time and allowing me to share with you a piece from my heart,


“The Song of the Kalahari, Why the Giraffe is Silent” – written & illustrated by Barbara Ernst

Summary:  A young boy living in the Kalahari Desert learns from a wise old baboon why the elephant, the lion, the hippo, and other animals make warning noises, but the giraffe does not.