March 2018

March 2018

Irene & Janeth Adjusting Well

Irene and Janeth are adjusting to being part of the Sunrise family very quickly.  Everyone loves them and they are fitting right in.  They both have wonderful personalities.  Janeth is a happy and fun child who has an otter (fun loving) personality.  Irene is definitely a lion!  She is a leader. She is competitive and very driven.  If she sees something done one time, you will see her taking over.  We have to slow her down sometimes.  When she pulls weeds, she attacks them!

All of the other children (girls and boys) love our new additions.  They are a big help with the girls but at times they try to do a little too much.


Highlight Festo Makongwa

We want you all to meet Festo.  He is our newest employee.  Festo is 21 years old and he is from Ilembula, a village about two hours from Sunrise.  Festo is a graduate of Mfreke Professional College of Njombe, a technical school.  He graduated first in his brick masonry class.  He is learning to be our maintenance man (here, fundi).  Richard has done many different jobs and is training Festo.  He is a quick study and a joy to work with.

We hired Festo with the future in mind.  As a brick mason (builder) he will be essential to our future building plans.  His first job was in the picture you see.  The flower beds had been surrounded by wooden poles that all rotted.  Festo did a great job!

A side note: Elisha worked alongside Festo when he was making the flower beds and he really enjoyed doing it.

Finally, Festo accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior since joining the Sunrise staff.  He is a great worker and an excellent role model for the children.  He has a special way with the boys and really inspires them to do well in their lives by working hard and living for Jesus.


Puzzle Kick

The children have been on a puzzle kick for a while.  They have really enjoyed working puzzles and have become much more confident than they had been at first.  They are now able to do very difficult puzzles and just finished a 1,000 piece “Coke” puzzle.



We would like to reintroduce Priska to all of you.  Priska has some physical limitations on her right side.  In a past update we told you about our taking her to a rehabilitation clinic.  One of their recommendations was to not send Priska to a secondary school as this would prove to be too difficult for her.  She now serves as a junior staff member at Sunrise and is doing a great job helping with cooking, cleaning, and the two little girls.

Priska recently celebrated her 18th birthday so we took her to a special restaurant in Njombe for pizza.  Priska (and the rest of us) had a great time!  Priska has become a different person since starting to work at Sunrise; her whole countenance has changed!  She is enjoying the satisfaction and affirmation that comes from doing a good job.  We love her and we know that God has a plan for her life and we will do our best to help her discover it.  We have discussed the possibility of her attending a school that teaches how to care for children.  This would be a great skill for her and we think she would love it.


Power still down

Our TANESCO (Tanzanian Electric Supply Company) power has been down since January 16th and there is no return date in sight!  The transformer in the village has to be replaced and there are many problems with the lines.


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