May 2018

May 15th – Kay’s Retirement

Kay Oursler (aka Bibi Kay) retired on February 1, 2018 but the village was not ready to have her retirement party.  So while Kay had family from the U.S. here it was an even better time for it.  The village put things together and on May 15, 2018 they had a retirement party for Kay.  They held it at the Lutheran Hall and the place was full.  We had to leave before all the festivities were completed, but Kay told us all of the festivities lasted for over 8 hours!



Back to Dar – Received passports, Applied for Work Permits, Met Festo’s Brother

We had to make a quick trip back to Dar less than two weeks after the trip last month.  While there we picked up our passports and also bought two large washing machines for the not too distant future.

This trip, while in Dar we had the pleasure of meeting Festo’s brother Ibrahim for supper.  He is in Dar studying to be a dentist.


Highlight: Lukemelo

We would like to introduce Lukemelo Msigwa to you this month.  We call him Lukemelo Fine Fellow and he is 14 years old and is a Standard 7 student.  This is his last year of primary (elementary) school, after graduation he will move on to secondary school.

Luke wants to be a police officer when he finishes school so we like to call him Chief Lukemelo.  We recently had a police officer visit Sunrise and he spent some time talking to Luke about what is required to be a polisi.  He said that one advantage when applying to be a polisi is being a big person.  Luke definitely qualifies, he is our brawniest boy and keeps growing bigger.  At 14 he can carry a 50K (110 pound) bag of chicken food on his shoulders for a good distance.  He likes to play soccer and run (in races).

In school the children have a class called Studi za Kazi, which is learning about different types of jobs.  When we asked him what job he thought was most interesting he said being a photographer.


Rhonda Playing Games With The Girls

In the picture Rhonda and the girls are enjoying playing games on a Sunday afternoon.  Sundays we, Richard and Rhonda, handle Sunrise from breakfast to bed time with some help from one staff member, Hekima, who spends most of her time taking care of the animals.


The Snake (Gaboon Viper)

This viper was looking for a warm place and decided to lay up against our dining room door.  When Elisha opened the door from the inside he found the snake slithering up the door looking for a way in.  Festo took care of killing the snake.  This is another good reason to remember to close the doors!


TANESCO & Solar Both Still Down

We are still running solely off of our generator power.  Tanzanian Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has still not repaired our power.  The company in Dar es Salaam repairing our solar power inverter is waiting on the parts they have ordered from the U.S. and also from Kenya.  The generator is holding up well, using a lot of petrol (gasoline) but doing great.


The Rains Have Stopped

The rains stopped early this year.  We have not had rain since the end of April.    The vumbi (dust) is already getting very bad.


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