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  1. Dear Mrs. Oursler,

    My Name is Daniel, I’m a 26 year old student of art history from Austria. My good friend Niklas who is studying journalism, worked together with Carina Dieringer at the Austrian radio station (ORF). She told him that she spent a month in Tanzania and had a great experience working at the Children’s home.

    Niklas and me have great joy in dealing with people. I worked for a social internship in the Redmont Waldorf school in Birmingham/Alabama where I learned a lot about children and for my community service I have cooked in the canteen kitchen in a workshop for people with disabilities.
    We are very excited about the idea of spending time in Africa. We would like to ask if you have any need for labor in the Children’s Home? We could spend 4-6 weeks from mid-January to mid-February at your place. We look forward to an answer 🙂

    Warm Greetings from the Cold Vienna,
    Daniel Janisch

  2. Bibi Kay and Gerusa–we have met in Tanzania a few different times over the past 10 years as I am the Global Missions Director of the Western Iowa Synod, partnered with the Southern Diocese ELCT, and share mutual contact friends with Michael and Colleen Last. I write to ask that I be included in your newsletter and/or other social media postings. Amid the many challenges, I am happy and encouraged by your continued resilience, strength, care and love for those around you. Many Blessings, Bibi Kay~

  3. Noralma Andrade

    Hi Kay. I hope you still remember me. I just don´t know why but I have been thinking on you lately. Well our picture at the Galapagos Islands is placed in a special place at home, so that might be the reason. I thought that you were back to the States, but I look through my really old mails and I found your web site. You are doing an amazing job over there with the children and the community. May God bless you my friend!!!!!

  4. Hi Bibi Kay!
    I wonder how have I developed the interest of communicating with you this time.
    Actually I was trying to do something with the name of our school Lyanika when I found somebody has written something about it.
    But I realise that it was because of Noel your Tanzanian son.
    I like the boy, he reads very well (the readings and responsial psalms) during the morning prayers.
    I like your colourful website! Bravo


  5. Hi Kay,
    Just happened to see your work in a on-line article in the Dekalb Daily Chronicle and am so pleased that you have chosen to do something so worthy at this time in your life. You probably don’t remember me, but I also worked at your parent’s movie theatre when I was quite young, usually helping your brother get the gum off the seats etc. and assist cleaning the laundromat. It gives me great pleasure to have read the article and am sending a donation and plan to keep abreast as your adventure procedes.
    R. Mason

  6. Hello. I have read of your mission in the DeKalb Daily Chronicle. I am interested in knowing the cost of a goat. Please e-mail me and let me know. Marge Johnson

  7. I am Rachel McBride, a senior nutrition and dietetics student at Northern Illinois University. My professor sent me your article in the Daily Chronicle this morning, and I am very inspired! This semester I am taking a class where we create a social business plan where we are addressing the UN’s millennium goals. My group of 4 is passionate about helping eliminate world hunger. If it’s not too much to ask, I was wondering if you had some time to meet so I could learn more about your mission in Tanzania, Africa. I’m sure you have a very busy schedule, and understand if this is not feasible, but any information you have to share is welcomed!

    Thank you for your time,
    Rachel McBride
    Student Dietetic Association Academy Liaison 2012-2013

  8. Hello Kay!
    My name is Evan LaBrant, I am a long time friend of Corrinne. I’ve been keeping up with her work in TZ via facebook, and I’m so inspired by your work and her adventurous spirit! I have been speaking with her about coming to work at the orphanage for 6 mos to a year as I would like to take time off before applying to grad school. So, this is just my first contact with you to discuss the possibility and what would be involved if/when I did come.

    I have a background in Plant Sciences, and I have been learning about horticulture and agriculture for a long time with no chance for practical application. I would love to help with agrarian tasks and planning, and if nothing else I can wield a hoe and swing an axe!

    I have been praying fervently for wisdom about the upcoming year, and I am feeling called to something outside the US. Please let me know how I can help!


  9. Hello Kay,
    I need some help understanding the tariffs that you pay for items that we send. The padded envelope that costs me $30.00 is usually delivered to you tariff free – correct. My most recent shipment to you was sent via a large envelope and the gentleman who sent it said it cost him $70.00 – although he said he was happy to pay it. Had I been at the post office I would have put everything in the Large Flat Priority Mail box. I have been told that the Large Flat Piority Mal box (that we use at work) can be sent to Tanzana for $60.00. This is a bargain as they don’t care how much it weighs. A recent shipment to Kayla using this box cost her a $50.00 tariff. I was happy to find the new $60.00 box but it will not be a bargain if – even though I mark it as a gift and list the items inside with bargain prices – it is going to cost a LARGE tariff. What is your understanding of the tariff gudeline?
    I hope this finds you healthy and happy and planning to come to the U S for Christmas. Tarrif Free Blessings are sent your way.
    A K Pugh

  10. Hello Kay,
    I tried to send you an email but it came back. Remember me Erna we met at the Old Farmhouse in Tanzania and I promised to write. My mail address is Regards from South Africa
    Erna Rosch

  11. Hi bibi Kay
    I just come across your page and I have been so impressed about your work. I also work with orphanage at Moshi (SWIWSCO) I would love to meet you and learn more from you

    Much love

  12. averino michael

    Halow bibi kay! I hope your doing well. I received your letters today, thank you for your acknowledgement, I will send to DED for official note.. I hope slowly you will full fill the conditions for registration, keep it up. Thank you for the nice card you gave me, it is amzing to see how good a work done by a person’s mouth.
    I am puzzled when I found this nice website. congratulation Bibi kay.
    I am doing fine.
    Chaula Averino, Michael as you wish to call me.

  13. Sara Stephens

    Hi Kay,
    You have certainly created a new life for yourself. Congratulations on your courageous choice. You are making a difference in the world. I am too, as an English and now Humanities instructor at Harper, but I have it much easier. Blessings and love. You old roommage,

  14. Bibi Kay, We at FUMC-Bryant, AR did receive your letter. It was indeed our pleasure to be able to assist with the care packages. We are interested in helping again and would like to know what way is best. We have the list of needs but with postage being so high, we wanted to know exactly what items are best sent from the states or whether you have the items available for purchase if funds were instead sent.

  15. Hello Bibi Kay,

    I am currently a peace corps nominee, expecting to be invited to work as a teacher in the caribbean starting March 2013.

    Is it possible or feasible for me to visit the orphanage in Tanzania? I admire the work you’re doing and would love to learn and help there, if such an opportunity exists.

    I planned to travel this summer and I have not booked a definite destination. I hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless you more,

  16. Which church in Hot Springs Village is supporting you? Hannah is my niece…so proud of her!!

  17. Loretta Melancon

    Kay, I am sorry I am late with the funds for Pastor Ngave’s daughter’s education. They’re oon the way to Pachaevemus. I hope this finds you and your villagers well and happy!

  18. Kay, I would like to know any advice you might have about the most economical way to sent items to you. Perhaps you could put me in contact with the state side supporters who send things. I am following your progress with great interest and as a Nanna of 72 feel I can add some small help from Ohio.

    Nanna K.

  19. Hey Bibi Kay. I ran across this sight and had to salimia wewe. Ninakumiss sana. I am constantly telling people the story of BibiKay. I hope things are well there and next time you are in AR, let me know. I can make it to Little Rock or Hot Springs to see you (mungu akipenda)!! much love! Jane

  20. Hi Kay,

    I am with the mission team from First United Methodist Church of Bryant, AR. We watched your promotional video about the orphanage in church a few weeks ago and it was inspiring. Our congregation gathers “Advent Angel” gifts for needy children over Christmas each year and we want to include a “Tanzania Tree” this year to get gifts for your children. I saw the list of needs and just wanted to get more info on what sizes and amounts of clothing for uniforms are needed as this seems to be a priority. How many orphans do you currently have and what are their greatest needs?

    Tim Bilbruck

  21. Hello there! This message is for Laura and Marc. Just wanting to send all my love and best wishes with everything, we are missing you tones and tones, and can’t wait to see you again. We are proud of all the hard work you have been doing 🙂 love you loads,your dear sisi , Emma, muchos besitos 🙂

    Dear Kay, I hope everything is well there, wishing you all the best 🙂 please if possible could you upload more pictures, we would really like to see the orphans with the volunteers,
    God Bless
    Emma ( Laura’s sister)

  22. Hi, Kay … I am saddened to hear of your loss of identities while in town. I guess there are those people everywhere. I want you to know that I mailed a “nutrition” package to you on September 17 so it would arrive at the beginning of October. I know soon you will be visiting here and I am looking forward to hearing you speak and give an update of your progress.
    I think of you and your children often … Barbara Larson

  23. does anyone know where i can get a book called The Song of the Kalahari, Why the Giraffe is Silent” – written & illustrated by Barbara Ernst..i would love to see it..thanks

  24. great new are all working so hard..well done and the volunteers from Spain are enjoying their new life…love to all xx

  25. This is Kay’s new website… I hope you like it!

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