October 2, 2008

Hello All,Let’s get those lawns watered, folks!!!Well, I am in hot Dar es Salaam, not my favorite city.  The flight was long from Memphis to Houston then Houston to Dubai was 15 hours. Then Dubai to Dar was over 5 hours but good food arriving on Tuesday with seven people waiting to greet me outside the airport security.  It took one solid hour to get my visa.  The Tanzanian way, “just wait”.  That is the country slogan, “just wait.”

Being a type A causes me great stress as I have encountered Idd Mubarak, a two day Moslim holiday, everything is closed. Darn, I have so much to do and nothing is open. Oh well, I have a good book and I receive many greetings from the people here.  For some reason, they all remember me and show great respect. (I finally found a Christian internet open.)

Yesterday, my friend, Salmini, who was the driver for David Monday who wrote the reprint story of my work, met me at the airport and invited me to his family home for the Moslim holiday. Well, what a great afternoon yesterday. His family are of some wealth and live in a walled compound about 10 miles from the hotel I am staying in. It was a big holiday celebration with lots of good food.  So that took care of my worries as to where I would eat since all restaurants around my hotel are closed due to holiday. Anyway, I met Salmini’s parents, brother, uncle, cousins, etc.  Many were dressed in their Moslim attire. (Good thing I “beefed up” in the States as I know already I will start to lose weight

Fred is staying with his brother here in Dar.  Tomorrow we go to Zanzibar to look for a vehicle after I visit with the Ministry of Health first begging that Tz. remove the duty tax on a transported 4×4 vehicle from the Island…..taxes are very BIG here. I will explain that the truck is for the orphanage and that Americans have sacrificed to support this orphanage, not pay high duty tax on any truck or the supplies I need to order for building. Then I go to Vodacom to see if I can have my old phone number back.  It has either been inactivated or given to another person.  Then to the Ministry of Education and finally to ferry to Zanzibar.

Today I plan to have lunch with Megan Burkhart, a Peace Corps volunteer that trained with me.  She and her boyfriend, also a post P.C.V., work now in Dar for USAID.

Just thought I would update ya’ll on my activities.  I’m still lacking in lost sleep during the two days of travel. Now I will catch up.  I miss all of you.  A special thanks for your financial and emotional support the past 10 months.

Keep well and happy.


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