December 2009/January 2010

Hello to All,

Construction took a “time off” during the holidays, but starting tomorrow, the 11th, we will be back in business.  Take a peek at the most recent pictures taken at site.

While the students were home for the holidays,  I told them they must work at the orphanage site or else they will lose their sponsors.  High school is very important to them, so they worked  many days.  They also are expected to work in the potato fields for their relatives as most of these kids are orphans….only three boys and the rest girls. In total, I now have 25 students being sponsored by friends in the U.S. and by myself.

It was a big job getting them off to school especially the Form 1 (Freshmen) kids.  I took them to town to buy their supplies for school;  shoes, socks, mattress, blankets, sheets, trunks with padlocks, pens, pencils, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. etc.  The Form 3 kids are more helpful, but the 5 new   Form 1 orphans just stand there like robots.  You will never know how tired I am at the end of the day buying supplies for these kids. These 5 new orphan students do not know me well and are really afraid of me especially at the end of the day when I am close to screaming at them.  Oh, well, next week they will all be at their schools.  One of the difficulties for me paying for their school expenses is that there are 9 different schools involved.. ….this plus buying all supplies for the orphanage construction and scheduling  the tradesmen (fundis) at site is very exhausting.  God has this plan, and I am the very tired vessel.

A very special thank you to those who recently have made contributions to Praecavemus Foundation for the orphanage.  The Foundation updates me monthly on Excel  with the names of donors and donations.  So I am aware of your generosity.  I wish I had time to write each and every one of you, but this is impossible at the present time.  Please know I am so very grateful for your support.

I felt so alone in this project in the beginning as I had no real backing.  Now I have many friends in Hot Springs Village and Christ of the Hills Church members to thank for taking on this project with enthusiasm and kindness.  A big thank you to Paul and James at Praecavemus Foundation.  Thank you all.

Best wishes for a terrific 2010!

Peace and love,

Bibi Kay

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