June 2009


Progress is on-going.  The two foundations for the dormitories are finished. Unfortunately, we do not have any bricks. Now that the rainy season is over, the villagers will begin the brick making.

ON Monday my fundi (mason), Ngoma, and his crew will start plastering the administrative building.  Fredy has done most of the framing for the ceiling board.  He finished the roofing, as you can see in the pictures, while I was in the U.S..

I do have a problem, I cannot buy the ceiling board (tongue and groove) until the Ministry of Finanace pays the TRA (Tz. Revenue Authority like our IRS) the 20% tax that the orphanage is exempt from.  Evidently, the Ministry is “out of fedha” (money). So, I may need to travel, again, to Dar to expedite the proforma invoice. The new budget for Tanzania begins July 1st.

I am currently working with ZaraSolar from Mwanza and also has an office in Dar.  My good friend, Paul Maloney, a great humanitarian, plans to bring 40 solar panels (2 1/2′ x 5′) from California for the dispensary, library and orphanage.

Another terrific humanitarian in Little Rock plans to buy the orphanage a tractor. This item will provide sustainability as the village has given 100 acres to the orphanage.  With a tractor we can plant potatoes, corn and wheat….sell half and keep the remaining for the orphans food.

So, all is well and progress is slow but steady.

Again, I thank all of you who have donated so kindly to the project.

Peace and love,

Kay Oursler (aka BBK)

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