May 2009

Dear Friends of Kay,

Today, May 6th Bibi Kay spoke to a group of people at St Paul United Methodist Church in Little Rock, AR.  She spoke about the orphanage and the progress being made.  Also questions concerning how to sponsor a child were brought up and you can click on the link above if this is something you feel the calling to do.

Sincerely,  Gail

A word from Bibi Kay:


The one tractor in my village is a real piece of work.  I have included three pictures of it.  The cost to the orphanage for it to go into the foothills of the Kipengere Mts.(8k) to gather rocks and stones is 37,000/= a trip equal to $30 USD.  I have paid the owner over 40 trips and we need many, many more rocks for the dormitories/bathrooms/ and a stand alone toilet for quests. The tractor breaks down every other week.

I also want to buy a tractor for the orphanage because the village has given us 100 acres (sorry, ladies, but I believe I told you 1,000 acres. Pole sana!)  We can plant potatoes, corn and wheat.  Also, the tractor can be a source of income at harvest time.  We can charge the villagers when we pick up their harvest at their fields whereas a lori cannot get to.  So, with the marvelous gift from a generous supporter, we can have a tractor.  Now I need to research the best way to purchase, to buy here in the U.S. and ship or buy over there.

If you have any ideas, please let me know.  Jerry and Sue (my dear farmer friends in DeKalb, Il.) let me know your thoughts on the kind/make of tractor. I know very little about them except that I checked out a dealer in Dar es Salaam before my flight last week and the cost was $60,000 USD.

From your Tanzanian friend who is constantly overwhelmed by the American’s (your) generosity,

Bibi Kay

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