November 2009

This month’s letter will be short as I am now in the U.S. enjoying family and friends.

Please take a look at the new pictures on this website.  Construction has finally started again after four months of “down” time due to the villagers making by hand 50,000 bricks. The work was finished and the cement fundi (mason) and his crew arrived the week I left my village for Dar and the U.S..  So, these pictures were taken Oct. 30th.

This was not suppose to happen as such.  I really need to be there during construction time, micro-managing. Yes, micro-managing because I am the only one on the bank account and payments must be made besides buying supplies as needed. Also, watching closely to be sure construction meets my requirements. Thank the Lord for Fredy, my assigned foreman. He will be responsible until I return. I know this worries him, but he keeps saying to me “Don’t worry!” So, I have turned it over to Fredy and the Lord to manage in my absence.

I return to Dar on Dec. 10th and will definitely have new pictures of the orphanage to show you and ME!  Fredy thinks the cement work will be done on the two dormitories (three rooms each), showers (6) and choos (6) by the time I return. Then it will be getting the water and sewer lines run. The two septic holes were dug while I was there. One is 10 feet deep and the overflow hole is 20 feet deep with a diameter of 10 feet. I kept worrying the hole would collapse on the three men digging it, but by now the cement fundis will have the walls of concrete finished, I hope, before the rains come predicted to arrive about now. (It will rain almost everyday starting this month until the end of May….roads will be horrific!)

I have been blessed on this trip as I now have local backing on the project. Christ of the Hills Church here in Hot Springs Village, that I joined last year, wants to help. I am amazed at the generosity of the American people in spite of this “financial meltdown”. So, this orphanage with the tractor, the 100 acres of land given by the village government, my little church in Minnesota (Peaceful Grove United Methodist Church), many friends everywhere and COH Church here will provide sustainability for this orphanage. Praise the Lord for his goodness.

I thought I would just write a few lines for Gail to post on my website, but my spirit is renewed and I am so excited to return to Uhekule Village and finish this orphanage, which has really been a much bigger project than I expected…..lots of work for the villagers and me.

Again,I am humbled by your kindness. I thank all of you for your prayers, donations and support.

Peace and love,

Bibi Kay

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