October 2009

The ground and all vegetation is now  covered  with vombe (dust) to the point where everything is brown.   The wind blows dust constantly. The prediction is an early rainy season and this causes me concern since our mason is not coming with his crew to build the walls on the dorms and bathrooms for another week or so.

The date for Sunrise Childrens Home of Uhekule Village open house has been changed to June 25, 2010.  There are a couple families in the U.S. that want to come with their children for the event ,  and U.S. schools do not close until June.

I leave for the U.S. November 5th and return to Tanzania on December 10th.  Lately, I have discovered I am very quick tempered and somewhat drained, so a month back in the states will give me time to regroup and just “chill out”. I look forward to Thanksgiving with some of my family .

If anyone would like me to share some of my life stories living in Tanzania with your club, group,  church or neighborhood gathering,  I would be happy to do so.

My telephone number in Hot Springs Village is 501-915-8174. My address is 16 Arista Lane.

As always, I am very grateful  for the support and prayers from my homeland.

Peace and love,

Kay (aka BBK)


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