July 2010

Hello All,

The open house went very well. We were honored with the presence of the new District Commissioner, Sarah Dumba.  She has only been in office a couple weeks. The D. C. position is the highest in our district government.  In other words, she is the boss and has the most power.  The people enjoyed her speech.

The orphan students in secondary school were home for break which helped me as they worked hard to get grass transplanted, landscape clean-up, floor and  window washing done.  They also helped cook and serve the food.  You will see pictures of some of them.  The Kempinski Hotel  in Dar gave me the hats for them to wear. (Many of you are sponsors for these orphans to attend Secondary School (high school).

There was music, drum playing, dancing and speeches. It was a very cool day but the festivities went on for hours. Sarah was impressed with the dispensary, library, new elementary school and the orphanage.  Many of you have contributed to these projects. Our last D.C. once said to me “Bibi Kay, you are going to make Uhekule Village look like New York City.”  I just laughed.

The orphanage will not open until we have the solar power installed. There was a very big mix-up with the pallets that Paul Maloney from Praecavemus Foundation in California sent.  So, now he wishes to have a local solar company in Dar contract the work.  I am happy for the break in work as I need a little “time out” for my hands and body to heal from all the hard work.  This gives me time to interview Roman Catholic Sisters from three orders.  We will need five Sisters to help Fredy and me run the orphanage.

We still need your support.  I have purchased blankets, mattresses, sheets, kitchen supplies, etc., but still need towels and clothes for the children.  (I brought over a small electric sewing machine and made the curtains for the bedrooms.  Of course, I had to use my friend’s house in Njombe since we do not have electricity in the village.)  We need towels, socks, book bags, jackets, school uniforms and more. So, if you have any extra dollars, we sure could use them.

My plan is to take 5 to 10 orphans in each month.  That way we have the opportunity to adjust slowly.    I know the villagers and District would like to send us 70 orphans at once, but I insist we do this in an organized way.

The villagers are so very grateful for your help.  They are very hard working farmers, and last year we formed an NGO (non-government organization) with the villagers and myself.  This makes the project partly theirs, and they must help keep it stable. All residents 18 years and older had to give 2,000/=Tz. shillings which is about equal to $1.40 USD.  Then each month they are to give 500/= shillings about 35 cents US.   So they are invested in this orphanage along with making 90,000 bricks and collecting huge rocks in the forest for the foundations. They have worked hard.

Please keep us in your prayers and continue with your support.

Peace and love,

Kay (aka Bibi Kay or just BBK)

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