March 2010


The following are some of the items we will need for our orphanage.  The open house is scheduled for June 25th (whether we are finished or not!!)

Kitchen utensils like sharp knives, graters, strainers, ladles, large whisk, bread pans, couple minute timers,etc.

24 pair of OLD panty hose. Just cut off the leg portion. (I insert a bar of soap and it keeps so nice, never lose it.) We need many white shirts and blouses ages 6 to 14 to wear under their school sweaters. Also need socks, underwear, sweaters and jackets. (June, July and August are our winter months and very cold mornings and evenings.) These are just a few things we need.

Construction is nearly finished except for the guest house. Painting begins this coming week.

Paul Maloney, President and Founder of Praecavemus Foundation, made his first trip to Africa the end of February and spent three days in Uhekule Village. His request is for a 3 bedroom guest house near the Administrative building. Also, we will have a four vehicle carport next to the guest house. The solar panels will be mounted on the roof of the carport. There is absolutely no place for guests to stay when they visit Uhekule.  So when it is finished probably sometime this fall, you will have a place to stay.

Paul also brought with him two ladies from the Dreyfus Foundation based in New York; Pam from N.Y. and Ruth from Zambia. They brought medical supplies for our dispensary and spent time with our clinical officer evaluating needs and giving support.

The furniture like beds, tables, stools, benches and dressers are 80% done. I have bought one wood burning cook stove and ordered a big stainless steel wood burning cooker from Dar., lots of stainless steel plates, cups, silverware, 4 large cooking pots, material for making curtains, sheets, a few blankets, mattresses and more.

I would like to share a touching story. A few weeks ago a woman from my village came to my home asking for help with her son’s education. It seems she persuaded his teachers to allow him to finish Form 6 (similar to our community college) without paying his school fees. The school refused to give him his certificate of completion until his fees were paid.

Therefore, she presented a “deal” to me.  If I gave her 280,000/= Tz. shillings, about $215 USD, she would sell me an acre of her land, and I can plant pine trees on it. So, we wrapped up the deal. When I asked her to sign the receipt showing I paid her, she said she did not know how to write even her name. In a case like that, we have them put an X on the receipt along with a finger print. I could not find my ink pad, so I rolled her thumb on my black Kiwi shoe polish.  Wa laa! I now own an acre of land in Tanzania.

When I gave her the money, she fell to her knees holding my hands and blessing me. I was overwhelmed with her gratitude, slipped into my bedroom to shed a few tears, and returned to my sitting room to bid her goodbye.

Please know that you are all invited to the open-house scheduled for June 25th. Though everything may not be completed by then, the date is set in stone.

Always you have my many thanks for your support, concern, generosity and prayers.

Blessings to all,


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