June 2011

Newsletter June, 2011

The good news is I may have two or three additions to staff.  Two are volunteers from Spain and one from the U.K.. The primary school closed June 11 and so did the orphanage.  We will open again July 10th.  The orphans have returned to stay with extended family members for the month.  So if I have the additional staff come July 10th, we will take in six more orphans.

Thanks to Eunice Lwendo, two grade 1 orphans have attained a position of 1st and 3rd in class.  Our 2nd grader is in 4th position.  Eunice is a marvelous teacher and works with them when they return from school to the orphanage.  All these kids need is a little attention and encouragement.  We are so proud of their results.

Now I must tell my snake story.  I have lived in my village 6 years and never have seen a snake.  Last week I walked around the corner of my courtyard to see a 2 foot snake slither into my flower bed.  Of course, I immediately had some students and two teachers along with Freddy, my partner, searching for it.  After some time Fredy said he believed the snake was gone.  I reminded him that the snake could not get away as my house was on the left and the chicken coup on the right. But we gave up our search to eat dinner.

Fredy was the first to finish eating and was out by the water faucet rinsing his dishes when my three cats started to alert him…… the snake was on its way across my garden.  Fredy killed it.  It was 2 ft.2 inches long and a viper.  They are very poisonous.  I opened its mouth to see if it had the two very large hidden fangs on the inside top of its mouth.  Yes, it was definitely a viper.  I even confirmed it by checking on the internet.  End of story.

I have included a couple pictures of a wedding reception in our village June 17th.  I have another wedding to attend in Njombe on July 2nd.  One of the pictures is of me sitting next to Pastor Ngeve and the village chairman, Huruma.  I am always seated as a special guest along with village dignitaries.   It was fun.

I have also included a picture of Joina showing off her new prosthesis. One is for eating and two others are to help her with the yarn machine in making sweaters. A man from California made the braces for her.  I believe his name is Ken Drake, but I only met him once and a year later we received the braces for Joina, who has no hands.  Bless him!

Thank you, dear friends, all over the world who have helped make this dream of an orphanage come true.


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