Late June 2011

Newsletter late June 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

God has, again, answered prayer. Many thanks to all of you who prayed that Sunrise Childrens Home would receive help.  Three very wonderful volunteers from Spain have appeared in Uhekule to assist at the orphanage. What a wonderful surprise for me.  They were in Njombe less than a week and are now living in the Admin. building at the orphanage. Laura speaks English and Mark is working hard on his, Ismael is also improving. Their language is Spanish, of course.  Laura will be helping to teach English, Mark loves to cook, so his job is the kitchen and Ismael likes farming. So he will work mostly with Fredy, my partner. Ismael must return to Spain in August, but the other two have committed to stay until December.  God is good.

My second wedding in two weeks was last Saturday, the 25th. in Njombe. Note the pictures of the cooked goat…..really was strange to me, but I guess it is a tradition in some tribes.  The wedding was very lovely. And, of course, I was the only white person at either the Uhekule wedding or the Njombe one.  July 2nd, will be the third and last wedding in three weeks…..the last for awhile, I think.

Recently I had an invasion of bees…not just a few but hundreds in my house. No one was stung, but it took Fredy going up to the roof to spray the chimney where they obviously began to build a hive. When we started a fire in the fireplace, hundreds, maybe thousands, dropped down and some invading my bedroom and office. What a mess. After three days we finally got rid of them.

The three volunteers, five students being sponsored by friends and myself, and I went to the fields yesterday to dig up potatoes. We all worked for three hours and ended up with 8 tims of potatoes to sell and twice as many potato seeds to plant in August. I am sorry to report that we have taken a loss on the potatoes due to the fact the land was not good in spots, and it was my first year planting potatoes…we planted 2 1/2 acres.  I brought the 8 tins (a tin is equal to a 20 liter bucket filled as high as possible)  into town and sold them. Last week I sold 18 tins, but right now there is a surplus of potatoes, so the price is low.  We will plant again but this year it will be August and, if we can figure out a way to irrigate, we will sell early when the demand is high like February or March.

After we dug up the potatoes, we drove to another field where we picked peas.  Then last Wednesday we made rhubarb and songwe jam. These new volunteers are having some very new experiences. They never complain and are just so easy to work with….I love them.

I think I have a fellow coming from the U.S. in August and will volunteer at the orphanage until end of November. Then another young lady is coming and wants to stay a year. Plus I have another who will stay 3 months or more who knows Kiswahili and bee keeping. (Wish she had been here when I was invaded with bees. Honey is a good product to sell here….another project for making the orphanage sustainable.)

The orphanage has been closed since June 10th because the school was closed. We open again July 10th with 6 more new orphans. Since we have the new volunteers, we can handle more orphans. We have about 40 waiting to come live in the orphanage, but I must have more help.

Blessings to all and, again, my many thanks for the care packages, your donations and prayers.


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