May 2011

Newsletter May 2011

The orphanage has now been open since March 15th,  but I am having difficulty finding qualified staff.  We have approximately 53 orphans waiting to be accepted, but without the good help, they must continue to wait.  I have interviewed a Peace Corps Volunteer who wishes to extend her service a year, but to date she has not responded.  Another young woman from town is interested, but she has a 2 year old which would cause some problems.  I still have Eunice Lwendo, a wonderful teacher, whose picture was in the newsletter last month with our four orphans. And we have Neema, age 20, from Uhekule Village who has been orphaned since she was 7 years old.  She has the kindness in her heart for these parentless children as she recalls the difficulty growing up without her parents.

This coming week we will harvest the 2 ½ acres of potatoes.  Unfortunately, we will take a small loss, I think, since we are late in harvesting and the price per bag has come down.  This spring, September (fall in U.S), we will plant early and sell early as the price is high then….”supply and demand”.  Lots of potatoes are for sale now but in February and March the supply is low and the price high, that is when we will sell next year.

Our 1 ½ acres of corn are looking good; at least 85% will be good.  We will sell some and keep lots for the orphanage so as to make ugali and feed the livestock.  The children love it. This is the staple food here, just corn flour and water cooked into a paste.  I really don’t care for it, so I request that we serve it with several other nutritious foods.

The good news is I bought a lawnmower in Dar….no more “slashing” the grass or cutting with a knife.  This is called modernization!!!  The orphanage is the only place in Uhekule Village you will see a lawnmower.

After the staffing issue is resolved, my next two projects will be to build an infirmary and have the sheds built for the 100 chickens and 10 goats we will buy.

Again, I thank the donors in America, the churches that help, the ladies sewing group in Hot Springs Village and the “Little Dresses for Africa” group.

Peace and love,

Bibi Kay

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