October/November 2011

October/November 2011 Newsletter

The orphans are thriving under the watchful eyes of our great staff. Laura and Marc do a terrific job running the orphanage but their visa is up early December which will end their six months of service. The children will return to their extended families for the holiday. School closes Nov. 25th and will open in early January. With the “residents” returning to families, my staff and I will have time to paint, deep clean and prepare for the return of the children.

Two acres of potatoes have been planted and later in November, two acres of corn will also be planted.  I have joined the parachichi (avocado)  group and in December we will plant 600 grafted seedlings. We need to have income for the orphanage, and I am thinking of all possible avenues for revenue.  As I write this, a large chicken shed is being constructed and next  goat sheds. The chickens will provide eggs and goats the milk for our residents and staff with extra to sell.

Laura and Marc will be married in Uhekule Village on Nov. 11th. The villagers formed a committee of 50 or 60 to plan the big wedding. It will make history as never have a white couple been married in Uhekule. Everyone is very excited including the children.

Hopefully, there will be two young women from the U.S. coming in early January to help at the orphanage. Now I need to find a qualified person to run the orphanage as a permanent manager. Someone who speaks both Kiswahili and English and has a kind heart for orphans.

I am taking the month of November to visit family and friends in the U.S..

A warm thank you to those who continue to help with support, prayers and concern.

Peace and love,

Bibi Kay

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