2018 – Needs for the Orphanage

Hello Good Samaritans:

Sunrise Children’s Home of Uhekule Village, located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, East Africa, has many needs. If someone wishes to help us out, here is a list of items always in demand.

  1. School shoes, tennis shoes, and flip-flops
  2. White, short sleeve, button down shirts and blouses necessary for their school uniforms. (Tanzanian products are very bad….nothing lasts.) A real need.
  3. Socks….white and black
  4. Ponchos (our rainy season lasts almost 6 months, rain everyday)
  5. Book bags
  6. Pens and pencils (many companies in U.S. have advertising pens)
  7. Glue sticks/Elmer’s School Glue
  8. Games
  9. Coloring books/crayons
  10. Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  11. Antiperspirants
  12. Rolls of 3M duct tape
  13. Donations (check out website http://www.bibikay.com)


Thank you for helping out HIV/AIDS orphans.

Blessings in Abundance,

Richard and Rhonda Hanssen