September 2011 – Needs for the Orphanage

Hello Good Samaritans:

Sunrise Childrens Home of Uhekule Village located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, East Africa, has many needs. If someone wishes to help us out, here is a list of items always in demand. (Not necessarily in order as needed though number 3 very much needed.)

  1. School shoes, tennis shoes and flip-flops
  2. The clothing items can be found in Salvation Army and resale shops)
  3. Navy shorts and white shirts and blouses necessary for their school uniforms. (Tanzanian products are very bad….nothing lasts.) A real need.
  4. Coloring books/crayons
  5. Packages of Bear Creek Soups (like Creamy Wild Rice, Veg. Beef, Potato, etc
  6. Dried fruit, like raisins, blueberries, currant
  7. Socks….white and black
  8. Pens and pencils (many companies in U.S. have advertising pens)
  9. Games
  10. Glue sticks/Elmers School Glue
  11. Construction paper
  12. Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  13. Ponchos (our rainy season lasts almost 6 months, rain everyday)
  14. Book bags
  15. Probably the most valuable book for these children who are suppose to learn English is Swahili –English, English-Swahili by Nicholas Awde under Hippocrene Books, Inc., but even their teachers do not know English so how can they learn? Then if the orphan is lucky enough to go to High School, all classes are in English and these village kids fail. (This book has over 200 pages and is only available in the U.S.. The cost is around $23.00, rather expensive, but so very useful. We are teaching English at the orphanage.)
  16. Used computers or, if anyone has a contact, A Laptop for Every Child is a wonderful organization, but not available over here. Kids in my village have never seen a computer let alone use one.
  17. Roll of 3M duck tape
  18. Donations (check out website

Thank you for helping out HIV/AIDS orphans.