April 2012

April Newsletter 2012

Three or four of the older children at Sunrise are learning to do kitchen chores.  They need to know how to cook, wash dishes properly, prepare breakfast and mop floors.  When I return to the U.S. next month, I will teach Tumpe, Elia and Simoni how to care for the chickens. We will be losing three of our staff in June or July, so the children must learn how to help more. I also plan to buy 6 or 7 milk goats, but first I need to learn how to care for them myself before I teach the children.

Emmanuel, Herieth , two of our Form 4 graduates, will be leaving to attend a two year teacher’s college in Morogoro, a large town about 7 hours from our closest town of Njombe. Rose, who also finished Form 4 last October and has been helping at the orphanage, will attend a college closer to home and will study Child Care and Counseling. She plans to return to Sunrise and put her newly learned skills to work. Rose is twenty years old and wonderful with the children. We will certainly miss these three helpers. Not only have they worked at the orphanage but also in the fields. The children will sorely miss them, too.

The rainy season is drawing to a close and soon the grass will turn brown and no rain for nearly six months. Those can be tough times as our water tanks can run dry and then we must fetch water from the river or elsewhere.

Our small primary school, the only school we have in the village, has
approximately 350 students, kindergarten through grade 7. One of our teachers transferred and another is on maternity leave. That means only 6 teachers remain. Consequently, the 2nd graders go to school later in the morning giving our staff a chance to teach English and math at the orphanage. This is definitely a plus for these youngsters but also hard on our staff with all the other work that must be done.

We continue to thrive because of your prayers and gifts. As always, I appreciate all you do for the orphanage and us with your care packages of food, clothing for the orphans and your sponsorship of students in secondary school.

Peace and love,
Bibi Kay

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