February 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

Hello to All,

Rain, rain, rain…..lately the rain has come every day and lots of it. Our wheat crop is already up even though wheat here is not fond of so much rain, it has had a good wet start.

We are in the process of cultivating the corn by hand, two acres, and then once more fertilize and bring dirt up around the stalk. Then we are done with corn until harvest time next August or September. The two acres of potatoes should be ready to harvest in a couple weeks.  That is a tough job digging up potatoes by hand….back breaking work.

Our beans are planted and some sunflowers for the oil and chicken feed.  Next week we will  plant about 40 to 50 avocado trees. They have been grafted so we expect fruit in two to three years.

Fredy has done a good job caring for the shamba (fields). How fortunate we are to have a tractor…just wish it could cultivate and harvest!!!

We have another new U.S. volunteer, Eve Penberthy, from California. She arrived last week and is in the Leap Now program.  She  will be working with us for three months prior to starting college. (Note picture of our three U.S. volunteers, all very tall young ladies, with our staff and children.)

Our children continue to thrive and seem to love Sunrise Home. I am in the process of writing up more schedules as sometimes it is a little chaotic. Keeping them in school uniforms and shoes is always a problem. Friends have been sending white shirts and navy shorts, so all I need to buy is the green sweaters and school socks. We have been given a ton of socks, but the school will not allow anything but the white socks with the red rings that are so cheaply made and only last a couple weeks.  SHOES are a problem as they wear out fast with all the mud and rain.

We need shoes…boys and girls are suppose to wear black shoes but I see everything from tennis shoes to flip-flops on the school kids.

As always, your packages are wonderful gifts and so appreciated by staff and me. Please keep them coming.

Thank you for your support, prayers and packages.

Peace and love,

Bibi Kay

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