June 2012

June 2012 Newsletter

Last night was so cold that my solar panel had frost on it this morning. Evidently, it was not cold enough to damage any of the vegetables in the garden.  So, not all of Africa is hot.

The children are doing well at the orphanage. Corrinne is doing a fine job working with them on their English and Math. She also supervises in the kitchen.

We have hired a matron though she speaks absolutely no English, but we think she will work out well. We have another volunteer coming from the States in September for three months to help with the orphans.

I  took a friend out to see where our bee soil hives will be placed. We have one up now as a swarm of bees were huddled under the roof of the girl’s dormitory. So they had to be moved at night when it was cold. We rub the inside of the soil hive with honey to keep them happy until they can start producing their own honey. I have lots to learn about bee keeping. We intend to start with 30 soil hives.

The wheat is ready to be harvested…..lots of work. First we cut it into bunches, they we lay down a tarp and then beat the wheat with sticks. Then we throw it into the air and the chaff blows away and the seeds drop to the tarp. I will have pictures later.

We recently received a box of shoes from my cousin in the U.S.. I fit four kids with school shoes, two with church shoes and two with flip-flops. Shoes are a big problem as these kids walk long distances in a day, rain or shine; mud or dust and shoes wear out fast. I bought many last month in the U.S. from the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

We are doing well here and grateful for your support. (Please send shoes and clothespins. The wind is so strong we can’t keep the clothes on the line with only one or two clothespins.)

Thank you all!

Peace and love,


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