March 2012

March 2012  Newsletter

On March 25th, we celebrated the one year anniversary of Sunrise Childrens Home of Uhekule Village. Corrinne Rice, one of our new U.S. volunteers, planned the whole Sunday afternoon including the snacks she and the staff prepared. Eve Penberthy, another U.S. volunteer staying at Sunrise for 3 months, assisted Corrinne. It was a wonderful day, no rain and lots of sunshine which is so welcome in the rainy season.

I gave my speech in Kiswahili, which Fredy told me later was about 80% understood.  I don’t always enunciate properly with the appropriate accent. Then Corrinne had the children sing a nursery rhyme she and Eve taught them. This was followed by a gymnastic program designed by Fredy, my partner in construction and manager of the field crops. He had our little residents jumping through hoops literally.  Please check out the pictures at the bottom of the page and be sure to watch the video below.

All in all it was a great day. I thank Corrinne Rice for her ability to run Sunrise efficiently. She is an amazing young lady with lots of energy, good ideas, love of the orphans and a big help for me. While I am in the States in April and May, she and Fredy will be in charge of Sunrise along with great staff.  Unfortunately, Corrinne ‘s visa ends in December. She will then return to the U.S. so that gives me time to find a replacement.

I met Corrinne on one of my many trips back to the U.S.. She sat next to me on the plane. Then she e-mailed me that she would like to help for one year at the orphanage. I doubted she would come, but God works overtime in my life in Tanzania. Wa-la, she came and is doing a terrific job. (This young woman is only 23 years old but has the wisdom of a 40 year old. Amazing!)

We are so appreciative of all the packages sent for the children and the “care packages of food”.  I feel blessed to have so many Americans concerned and supportive of the orphanage.

Love and peace,

Kay Oursler (aka Bibi Kay)

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