May 2012

May Newsletter 2012

Many plans are being made for Sunrise Childrens Home.  The goat and chicken houses are complete (note pictures). So now I look for the livestock. We want 6 milk goats and 50 chicks about two weeks old. The children need milk and eggs. Currently we buy them in Njombe, but if we have our own, we can sell the excess for sustainability.

I am sorry to say this is the second year we have not made any money on potatoes. Seems we just are too late planting or too late harvesting. Anyway, I am done with trying to make money from potatoes; besides the crop is very labor intense. Too much work is required by hand with the potatoes.

Our 1 ½ acres of corn looks good and our wheat is just so-so. It will provide enough for making brown bread. Our sunflowers are fine and will be used for the cooking oil with the remains fed to the chickens. We harvested a good share of dried peas which we can eat and also save some for planting next December. Unfortunately, our bean crop was a failure. We don’t know if it was the soil or insects that destroyed it.

Our vegetable gardens both at site and my house are doing well especially the Swiss Chard and the spinach. Carrots are great, but we are now in the dry season, no rain until end of November, so we have to water everything.

Next month we start bee keeping and our 100 avocado trees are ready to plant. We keep so very busy here because most field work is done by hand plus we have the orphanage and our little “residents” to care for….never a dull moment.

Many of you gave me items to bring back to Tanzania early June. Thank you all.



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