November 2012

November 2012

We have planted about 4 acres of corn. (I am guessing on the acreage). This next year we hope to sell much of it to provide more income for the orphanage.

We have a new volunteer that has joined our team, and I believe Courtney will be with us for a year. Sadly to say, Molly’s three month visa is up, and she will be leaving early next month. It has been a joy having her with us.

Corrinne is still with us. I depend on her too much but she is so talented at managing the orphanage and has great ideas. She does not care much for teaching English and Math, but Molly has worked at that. Also, we think we have another staff member on board next month; a young lady who has just finished two years of child care education.  Our hope is that she will teach the children English and Math besides many other duties.

I am going home for Christmas, my first Christmas in the U.S. in seven years. I am very excited about spending time with my kids, grandkids and great-grand children (4).

Today is Thanksgiving, and, of course, not celebrated here. So, I had Molly and Courtney come to my house for a spaghetti lunch….no turkey, but spaghetti with meat sauce is rare over here.  Unfortunately, Molly is a vegetarian, so she just had the homemade sauce without the meat.

The children are doing well. We have one boy, Elia, who is 12 years old and in 2nd. grade. He was living with his older sister who cannot even write her name. Elia came with us last year when we opened and had never been to school. So, he is now number one in his class. He is so bright! Besides that, he is a budding artist. I have a friend, Chasaki, who is an artist and tells me that Elia is a gifted child in art.

Please realize how important this orphanage is for these children.  Any way you can help would be most appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all,

Bibi Kay

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