October 2012

October 2012

October has been a busy month. Because we have had no rain for 5 months, we need to water our avocado trees and vegetable gardens. I take the children on Mondays and Fridays after school in the pick-up truck loaded with buckets of water to the avocado field. We have around 60 trees grafted and planted. So the children help water them….lots of work.

When October arrives, we also start to have water problems…..like NO water. The river, our source, lowers and, therefore; some days we do not have any water at all. Then we have to drive to the river and fill up buckets. So when you go to your kitchen or bathrooms and turn on the faucet, be grateful!

In the pictures, you will see our little ones washing their clothes in buckets. They all have many chores to do like cleaning off the dining room tables after eating, sweeping their dorm rooms, washing dishes,etc. The girls in one picture are mopping the kitchen floor. We were having trouble getting these kids to work after school and complete their chores on Saturday, so our fabulous Corrinne suggested posting sticker stars when a child completes his or her chore. The one who has the most stars by their name at the end of the week gets a piece of candy and a metal (made like a necklace) to wear for a day. It works beautifully. These kids are not like American children. They must learn how to cook, haul water and work usually starting at age 3. Very different from U.S..

The potatoes are all now planted….maybe more than 2 acres. Even the children help. We make holes about every 10 or 12 inches, drop in a small potato (seed), add a little fertilizer and cover with dirt. Then we wait for the rains.

Recently we received a used but wonderful laptop computer from a member of my Christ of the Hills Methodist Church in Hot Springs Village, Ar.. P.C.s are just becoming popular over here, finally. No one in my village knows how to use one except for one teacher at our primary school. So he uses mine. But now we have two used computers, and we are thinking of advertizing in the surrounding villages that it can be used at our library for a fee….just another way of making some money for the orphanage.

Life is simple here but so very hard. Now that the potatoes are planted, next comes the corn to plant in November. Also, the rains will come this November, early this year the farmers tell me.

I thank you for all your packages, gifts, prayers and love. The children are thriving. Molly and Corrinne are helping to teach them math and English, the two subjects Tanzanian kids have the most trouble with.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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