September 2012

September 2012 Newsletter

Life continues as a struggle here in Uhekule Village. The mamas with a baby on their back and a jembe (hoe) over their shoulder work in the potato fields from sun-up to sun-down. First they hoe the field, and then make long lines with twine marking their rows. It is amazing how neat the field looks when they are ready to plant the potato (seeds, which are just small potatoes with “eyes”). The rows have ridges and the potatoes will begin to grow when the rains come next month. October may have a few rains but mostly the end of November is when the big rains start.

If you view the pictures, you will see that we used our corn sheller to remove the kernels from the cob with this big machine we bought last year. It connects to the tractor. We did the school’s corn and three of the teachers besides our orphanage corn. I ran the tractor and the machine with the help of Corrinne, Molly, Mekio and two others. It really goes fast, so much better than shelling the corn by hand.

We are almost finished planting our potatoes. Next we will be planting the corn which will be later this month.

The children at Sunrise are doing well. I live next to the school and little Elisha, age 8, just came to my house saying “Bibi Kay, I have a stomach ache’’ (in Swahili), so he is now asleep on my sofa. Such a sweet boy. Both of his  parents are deceased.

I love these children, but I am totally “burned out”.

Again, I am grateful for your care packages both for the children and me.

Peace and love,


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