April & May 2013

April & May Newsletter

Part of April and May I spent in the U.S. visiting with some of my family, paying taxes, attending my 55th high school class reunion and fund-raising. Now I am back in Uhekule and the work begins after a pleasant 5 week rest.

We now have 15 orphans. Our new ones (note picture) include Lukemelo grade 2, Akwirino grade 3, Frank grade 3 and Sesilia grade 1. They are adorable and so happy to have Sunrise as their home.

Corrinne Rice, my wonderful U.S. volunteer, after working at the orphanage for almost 1 ½ years has returned to the States to find a paying job. She helped me a great deal admini-  stratively. She worked on a new Constitution for Sunrise and wrote up an employee handbook. Courtney, our other great U.S. volunteer, who will now become manager of Sunrise, and I are working with the villagers, especially the “advice committee” who helps out when we have problems.

Courtney’s parents, Lynn and Steve Hohensee from the Portland area, spent two weeks at the orphanage helping with the children and doing lots of chores. They are missed.

Our newest U.S. volunteer is Angel Sipes and her 4 year old son, Brodyn, who hail from Pa. and arrived last month.  She is learning the culture, the language and how to cook Tanzanian style. The food is not like American cuisine, but we must all adjust.

The avocado field is doing well. We water the 70 trees once a week, which is lots of work because the water must be taken in containers out to the field. Some of our 6 acres of corn should be ready to harvest first of August. Then, immediately, we need to plant potatoes where the soil produced the best corn. The poorer acres of corn can wait until maybe September.

Gratefully, I returned with renewed spirit and patience. Praise the Lord!

I thank the very generous Americans who gave donations to Sunrise Children’s Home in April and May. God bless you.

In appreciation,

Bibi Kay

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