August & September 2013

August & September 2013 Newsletter…

Dear Friends,

The six acres of corn have been harvested by hand and shelled by machine. We ended up with 50 bags filled each with 7 debe of corn…enough to sell half and keep the other half for making ugali, the staple food of Tanzania. The children were a big help.

In Sept. we started planting potatoes on a couple acres of land. Again, the children helped as they learned as toddlers how to plant potatoes…..just amazing children. They can work 4 to 5 straight hours in the fields with the staff and me and never a complaint !!!

If you view the pictures, you will see an ear of corn measuring 8 1/4 inches in circumference and 11 inches long. Not all of the corn was that big, but it was a bumper crop this year for everyone. Since we have never made much money on selling potatoes, we decided to plant more corn and just enough potatoes for our own consumption.

This month of October, I am in the states busy visiting family, friends and fund-raising. When I return Nov. 3rd., we will start to plant corn again…..always lots of work to do.

You will also see a picture of Shukuru (age 25), Noeli’s sister, one of my many grown daughters who was educated by sponsors in the U.S.. She is married with one child and is very industrious planting crops and selling material for making clothes. She plans on just ONE child, no more. This is very unusual, but she is educated and realizes how important education is. So, her son will attend good schools.

Please note the change in where to send donations for Sunrise Children’s Home. We and our children at Sunrise appreciate your support.

Blessings and peace,

Bibi Kay

P.S. One debe is equal to a 20 litre bucket overflowing with shelled corn. Note the picture of our orphans at my house. I asked them what they want me to bring them from America. They said CHOCOLATIE (so I am taking back 15 pkgs. of M & M’s .)

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