January 2013

January 2013 Newsletter

Yesterday it took me 1 ½ hours to drive to town about 17 miles in the pickup truck …a million pot holes. Each year Tanzanian government spends thousands of dollars to repair the road to Makete, and every summer it washes out. If only they would spend the money on paving the busy road. Oh, well, efficiency is not a known word here.

The children are thriving and seem to have grown  while I was in the U.S. for two months over the Christmas holiday. Sometimes they are a real handful, but this past week I slept at the orphanage while Corrinne and Courtney took a holiday to Malawi, and the children were well behaved.

Our acreage of corn and potatoes was measured. We have 6 ¼ acres of corn and 1 ¼ acres of potatoes. Please keep in mind the cultivating, fertilizing and insecticide work is all done by hand……exhausting. I can only do 4 hours at a time and then I am totally wiped out. The villagers can do 6 to 8 hours because they are use to the physical work.

Because we have so much corn planted, ( hopefully we will sell some in Sept.),  we seem to be lagging behind with the work. I do believe the village will give us some much needed help next week.

We are still looking for volunteer help from the U.S., preferably those with a college degree or older, more mature helpers. Room and board is provided, but travel expenses and fancy food like cheese and peanut butter will not be furnished. The experience of working in a 3rd. world country is life changing, you will never forget the time you spend here.

We are still in desperate need for shoes like flip-flops, tennis shoes, crocks and church shoes in sizes 2 to 5.  I bought some shoes at Salvation Army and Goodwill when I was last home, but the kids wear them out fast, and shoes bought in Njombe don’t last but a couple weeks.

All in all, we are surviving and though I am exhausted much of the time, I thank God for giving me the strength to continue.

We still need your support. Thank you.


Bibi Kay

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