July 2013

July 2013 Newsletter

We finished harvesting the 6 acres of corn, now to start the wheat and also finish digging up the remaining potatoes. It seems the work never stops. Our 15 residents at Sunrise are so helpful….they amaze me in their abilities in the fields. Of course, they learned at a very early age, maybe 4 years old, how to husk corn.

Daisy Mae, our goat, is NOT pregnant. What a disappointment. Actually, she is quite a trouble-maker. I never realized how strong a goat can be. We tie her to two big tires, and she continues to move them. So I placed an extremely heavy rock inside the tire. I think we have won the battle, but it presents a problem whenever we want to move her. It takes two of us to move the rock with tires. We all love her even though she is a problem. The kids enjoy her so much.

The children are doing well in school and many of them are beginning to speak English, way ahead of the other children in the elementary school.  Our oldest, Jeniti, will be starting 7th grade next January. Then if she passes the national exam next year, we will send her to Secondary School (comparable to grades 8 thu 11) provided she has a sponsor.

Our tractor continues to have problems, but Mekio, our staff mechanic, carpenter,  can fix anything. So he works on our 28 year old tractor and keeps it going. It helps to bring in some income.

All is well at Sunrise. We are grateful for your support.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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