March 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

The good news is the villagers will finally help me to secure a deed/title for the 100 acres and the orphanage campus. Many times I have asked the villagers to write a letter to the District Council of Njombe so that the land given to Sunrise Childrens Home could be surveyed, titled and placed in a trust for the orphanage. Of course, they did not understand; therefore, it was never done.

So, two weeks ago I asked two friends from Njombe District to come out and explain, one is the District Planning Officer and the other District Attorney. Success! The village government finally understood why a deed is important. So, we are making progress.

March 17th, Corrinne and Courtney, our two volunteers from the U.S. along with staff, prepared a dinner for 100 villagers in honor of the two year anniversary of Sunrise Childrens Home of Uhekule Village. It was a success and helped to send a message of good will. Please note the pictures below.

The month of April and several weeks of May I will be in the U.S. visiting with family, paying taxes and looking for a partner to join me in Africa. My plan is to spend 2 or 3 months in Tanzania and the remainder of the year in the U.S.. I am not sure I can take retirement without the many challenges I face daily in Tanzania, but we will see.

If I get bored in the U.S., I may consider re-joining Peace Corps Reserve. Though as I read my email messages from P.C. Reserve, it seems they are always looking for returning volunteers with Masters and Doctorate degrees which leaves me out. Hopefully, my 8 years in the “bush” of Tanzania will mean something. Time will tell.

Our orphans continue to thrive and are learning English. Sometimes we forget the culture in Uhekule; one of the very different cultures is that children are not suppose to talk during eating time. That differs so with the U.S. where, if lucky enough to have all the family together for dinner, this is the time for sharing your day. That is not the case in Tanzania. So, we continue to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, we are beginning to run out of donations to continue Sunrise, so if anyone wishes to have a tax deductible letter for a donation to the orphanage, please review DONATIONS on my website.

We continue because of your support. Many thanks.


Kay (Bibi Kay to those in Tz.)

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