October & November 2013

October & November 2013 Newsletter…

Dry, dry, dry… not a drop of rain since early May. Then on Nov. 24th when Uhekule (young men’s) soccer team was playing a near-by village, the rain started. It rained for 4 days continuously.

I find it amusing and interesting that in the dry season, we run out of water. Can you imagine cooking 60 meals a day, washing clothes by hand and bathing 15 orphans daily what it is like without water… devastating and difficult.

Now that the rains have come, we have another problem (challenge as it is called here and in my college business class). Without the sun, we have no solar power. I guess it is a toss up as to what season presents the most “challenges”.

Leida, my orphan daughter of 22 years, just graduated from Secondary School, the equivalent of grades 8 thru 11 in the U.S.. This is a big deal and you will see pictures of us celebrating her graduation at Sunrise.

Noeli, my 15 year old Tz. son, graduated from Standard 7 (grade 7) and a ceremony at the school was held. I have been raising Noeli since he was six years old and last year took him to the U.S. for Christmas. I may bring him back to the U.S. for high school provided I can get him a student visa.

My wonderful U.S. friends, Curry and Chevy (sisters), who live about 2 hours from me, had a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner on the following Saturday. About 14 x-pats enjoyed a true feast. The girls ordered their 20 pound turkey from Kenya and cost about $132 USD… expensive turkey. These two sisters are unbelievable cooks, and we all stuffed ourselves besides giving lots of thanks for our many blessings. They also made 6 different kinds of pies… amazing. Tanzanians have never eaten turkey, at least not in my village, no turkeys.

Anna-Sophia Bullshields, our U.S. volunteer for two months, has worked with the children in the art department. She is talented in art, and though her visit is short, she has been a nice addition to our staff.

Our children at Sunrise are doing well and changing so. In March we will have been open 3 years. The kids are growing fast.

Wishing all of you a great holiday season.



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