August 2014

August 2014 Newsletter

We are fortunate to receive another great volunteer. Stephane Romier is from France but was working in New Zealand. He knew Gerusa Ilha, our fabulous volunteer from Brazil, who was also working in New Zealand. Both of them wanted to help underprivileged kids. So, wa-la, we have them both.

Sometimes I feel our kids must be confused as Gerusa speaks English with a Brazilian accent, Stephane with a French and me with the English accent. Oh, well, in spite of it all, they are learning English which will help them immensely when they finish Grade 7 and attend a secondary school. Secondary schools are suppose to teach in English with the exception of their Swahili class. We do not have a secondary school in Uhekule, so they must board in a village with a school grades 8 through 11. Then when that is finished, they have two years of what is called high school here. Trust me, the Tanzanian education system needs to improve.

Recently we received some shoes from America. That is one of our most needed items. You can imagine each child needs a pair for church, school and bathing (flip-flops). All in all, we need 48 pairs of shoes, and they wear them out so very fast.

We thank you for each and every donation… all helps.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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