December 2014

December 2014 Newsletter

I returned to Uhekule around the 10th of December, and Gerusa was ready for her journey to Brazil. She had not been home to see her mother and brother’s families for three years having worked in New Zealand and then coming to Sunrise in March of 2014. A kind man in Colorado, Paul M., paid her way. How wonderful.

Our other volunteer, Stephane Romier, from France, left Sunrise when I did so he could visit his family in France for the holidays planning to return to Sunrise in March 2015. He is a mastered teacher and so very helpful working with our kids. Math and English are the two subjects that seem to be the most difficult for students in Tanzania. Our kids are doing better in English because we speak it at site (orphanage). In fact, when the children speak to me, they do so in English. That way they are learning. Our newer kids are just starting to learn English.

So, that left ONLY me at site sleeping there and working every day in the gardens, with the kids and cleaning. Courtney, who was our volunteer at site for over a year, is now married to a villager and has a darling baby. She still helps when she Holidaycan, but a baby does take lots of her time as we mothers all know. She and her husband have built a home about three blocks from my house, a good distance from the orphanage. Courtney is our accountant and receipt keeper. She is so good at that job. I am grateful for her help in that area because I am just too tired at the end of the day to do paperwork, too.

Our plans for the workshop are still in the making though it has taken the village government a long time to determine the land we will need. Finally, we received word that the land is right next door to the orphanage and about 2.5 acres. I was just told that I am the selected one to get the surveyor from Njombe out to measure so we can have it titled. They all depend on me to do this type of work because I am white and old……..that makes me more powerful!!!!

Thank you to all for the care packages and supplies for the kids. We are always in need of shoes, socks and school supplies, especially shoes.


Bibi Kay

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