February-March 2014

February/March 2014 Newsletter

The potatoes are ready for harvest. I made a good decision last year not to plant potatoes for selling, only for our consumption. The farmers are not getting much for their crops this year, and I do not know why. Actually, they are getting less than half of what they received per bag last year. So much work for so little return.

We were late with our corn but about 75% of the five acres looks good. All depends now on how much rain we receive. We planted nearly two acres of wheat, ½ acre of oats and peas. Our two gardens, one at my house and the other at the orphanage are doing well. The children work in the fields and the gardens. They know how to plant potatoes, corn, wheat and vegetables. They also know how to cultivate by hand….lots of work.

The villagers say that Bibi Kay’s kids do well in school because they have a better diet than the average village kid. That is probably true, and I am sure it helps them study better. They also must be up at 5:30 each morning to prepare for school, eat breakfast, do their chores and walk to school. They leave the orphanage around 6:30 and must be at school by 7 a.m. rain or shine.

We try not to spoil them, but they do have a religious movie in Kiswahili on Friday nights and a Disney movie in English on Saturday nights. When punishment must be used, it is usually more “housework” for them and NO movie. They all have their chores like mopping, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning their dorm rooms, gardening, field work, sweeping and they hand wash their own clothes. They never complain! These village kids know how to work and usually start when they are 4 or 5 years old.

Always I send thanks to our supporters, whether it is sponsoring one of our children for their future education or donations in general.

Peace and love,

Bibi Kay

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