July 2014

Dear Friends,

All is well at Sunrise. The children are growing up fast and “outgrowing” their shoes and clothes. Actually, they wear out their shoes before outgrowing them!

All of the children have now had a computer lesson by Mavis Beacon, the typing (DVD) teacher. When I was in the U.S. in May, I had received three laptops from a wonderful humanitarian who  receives them, cleans them up and gives them away to needy students. Then I had Windows 7 installed and brought them back to Tanzania with me. Our kids are so very excited about learning how to use a computer. The village children have never even seen a computer so our orphans are having a special treat thanks to good American friends.

Please note the pictures below. Gerusa is our new fabulous volunteer from Brazil. We celebrated her 33rd. birthday with a party. She is unbelievable in her abilities to work and run efficiently the orphanage. People see her working so hard, and they call her “the young Bibi Kay”. Right now is harvest time for corn and wheat. She is learning so much and seems to love the work.

Her French friend, Stephan, joined us this month and will help out for the next three months. He has already organized the library and loves to teach.

Shadow, my sometimes wonderful dog (now 7 months old) even though he chewed up my cell phone and my best dress, loves the kids and plays with them all the time. Eliza, the little gal in the picture, has a very unique ability with animals. She has no fear of Shadow, our cats and the cow. This is very strange as most Tanzanians are afraid of dogs and cats even the adults. This young girl would make a wonderful veterinarian. She is one of my favorites, of course, I love them all.

The picture of Gerusa, her friend from France, Stephan and Mekio, our wonderful handyman, along with all the kids, just finished the day harvesting corn. It is in bags and the kids are sitting on it in the boot. Inside are the rest of the 16 kids. What a time we have in the fields. It will take several weeks to harvest all the corn. Then comes the wheat.

The work never ends.

We are all grateful for the help we receive from American friends. Thank you.

Blessings and peace,

Bibi Kay

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