November 2014

November 2014 Newsletter

While I spent the month of November in the U.S., Gerusa, our wonderful volunteer from Brazil, was midwife to Mimosa, our cow’s first calf. I am so grateful she was born a week after I left Tanzania, as I would have been so worried about having to help “pull” the calf out as the book said sometimes happens. But Gerusa had no fear and when Lucky was due to calf, Gerusa sat on the shed floor with Lucky giving her encouragement and love. Lucky seemed content.

After an hour or so, Gerusa said she went to the kitchen to eat lunch and when she returned to the cow shed, there was Mimosa. It all took place so fast, Gerusa told me, and that Lucky had absolutely no problem in giving birth. Whew! Glad that one is over.

If you are interested, please note some pictures below.

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