October 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

Recently we received a package from good friends in Hot Springs Village, Ar. filled with many wonderful items including the largest marshmellows I have ever seen. Well, the children had no idea what a marshmellow roast is, so we planned one. Please note the pictures. It was hilarious to watch them enjoy roasting on a stick. Such innocence to observe their sheer delight, pleasure and fun. I had a ball watching them.

Shadow, our big and very bad dog, who I absolutely love even though he ate my cell phone, put a hole in my best dress, chewed up a pair of shoes and ate Stephane’s shirt. He will be a year old Nov. 3rd. I try to work with him, but I keep so very busy with meetings, gardening, teaching computers to the kids (many thanks to the Americans for making it possible to receive four computers.) Most village kids have never seen or touched a computer, and our kids are learning Mavis Beacon typing skills. How wonderful!

We took in two more children this month. The little girl is 8 and her brother 11 years old. The situation they were living in was deplorable. Their house was about an 8 by 10 shack. The 11 year old was in charge of his sister and their 5 year old traumatized brother who lies on the dirt floor in the fetal position. We could not take the 5 year old. We are not equipped to handle mentally ill children. Many of our orphans have arrived very traumatized, but with good food, a warm bed, respect and love, they respond so positively.

Many thanks,

Bibi Kay

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