September 2014

September 2014 Newsletter

The highlight of September was the graduation of Jeneti from Standard 7 (7th grade). Note the picture of Jeneti, Gerusa, Stephane and our two staff members, Mary and Agripina. Standard 7 graduation is a big deal here. Now we wait for her National Examination results to see if she passed. If she does not pass, we will send her to a vocational school, but we feel she will pass. I know the Secondary School I want to send her to. It is about 26 kilometers from Uhekule. I even know the Peace Corps Volunteer that is teaching at the school, so he will give me updates on Jeneti’s progress.

Our cow is getting hugh. She is due to give birth very early November. I hope to be in the U.S. when this happens. I have been told 3 out of 10 cows need help birthing with their first one. Gerusa spent a week with the lady that raises cows in Njombe, so she will be the midwife and the milkmaid. She is so talented and accepts all responsibility easily, praise the Lord!

The children are growing up and taking on more responsibility. They help cook, cut firewood, hand wash their own clothes and work in the gardens and fields. Village children learn to work hard when they are about 5 years old. You see the 5 year olds with a baby on their back or carrying water in a bucket on their heads.

We are in great need of soccer balls. When I am in the U.S. in November, I hope to get some good ones. These children are crazy about soccer (called football here.)

Nimeshukuru! (I am grateful) Asante sana (thank you very much).


Bibi Kay

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