April 2015

April 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

One day every month the children in the village under 2 years must be weighed to see if they are gaining properly. So we see many mothers marching past our orphanage on their way to the clinic. (The dispensary is a block from our orphanage, very handy when we have a sick one.) You will note two of the pictures showing some of these mothers. The need is to see if they are receiving enough food for growth.

Our children continue to work at the orphanage doing many jobs like mopping, washing and drying dishes, sweeping their bedrooms, washing by hand their clothes, working in the gardens, slashing grass and feeding and cleaning up after our animals. The older ones help in the kitchen with cooking. Never do you hear a complaint! They are very different from most American kids. I believe they are just grateful to have three very good meals a day and a clean and warm bed besides staff and volunteers that care about them.

Tumpe and Elenesta are in the 7th grade, so they keep busy studying for the National Exam that will take place in September. If they pass the exam, they can then go on to Secondary School grades 8 through 11. Unfortunately, we must send them a distance, and they will board as we do not have but one small elementary school in Uhekule Village.

I have 7 orphans in boarding schools now. One is at a vocational school 5 hours away, two at a University 12 hours away, one at a medical college 8 hours away and the rest at three different secondary schools all a long way from Uhekule Village.

Grateful thanks to those who are sponsoring these students and our young ones (17) at the orphanage.

Many blessings,

Bibi Kay

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