August 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

The corn has been harvested, shelled and bagged. We have 25 huge bags (7 buckets in each) of shelled corn enough to last for a year for making ugali, the staple food here. The children help with the planting, cultivating and harvesting…..never a complaint.

Potatoes have now been planted in land closer to the orphanage on the workshop property of 2.5 acres. This will make harvesting so easy compared to going 2 kilometers to the fields to dig up dinner. Potatoes, rice, ugali and pasta are the carbohydrates served every week along with eggs from our hens, fruit from the market in Njombe town, vegetables from our gardens, lots of beans plus fish and beef once a week. So our children have a better variety of foods than the average village child. Their food consists mostly of ugali and potatoes.

We have not had rain since May and expect the rains to start end of November or early Dec.. If our supply becomes depleted, we now have a well…..thank the Lord. Gerusa, our wonderful volunteer, made sure of that because last spring while I was in the U.S. fund-raising, the orphanage was without water for two weeks. So, they traveled to the river for water….not good!

Enjoy your summer, our winter, and bless you all for your donations to Sunrise.

In appreciation,

Bibi Kay

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