February 2015


February 2015 Newsletter

The pace of life here in Uhekule Village, Tanzania, continues to grow, change and develope. When you have 17 active orphans plus 6 more in higher education boarding schools hours away, besides two cows, 26 chickens, 7 rabbits, a dog and many cats, life is never boring. Then there are the fields of corn, potatoes, wheat and oats adding to that the many gardens where we raise vegetables, work never ends.

So there you have it……lots of work besides teaching English and math when our kids come home from the primary school. Often they must change their clothes and go to the fields to work…..never a complaint. They know that is expected of them since all farming is done BY HAND! (Planting, cultivating, fertilizing, harvesting, etc.)

The good news is we received a new volunteer from Austria Jan. 17th. Her name is Carina Dierlinger, and she learned the routine at Sunrise within a week. I am not use to young people like her (22 years old and a college graduate) working so hard. She is up with me at 5:15 each morning and helps prepare breakfast. Then she checks on the kids to make sure they clean their rooms before leaving for school. After that, she dons her boots and heads to the cow shed to shovel poop and clean, feed our two cows, feed the rabbits, check on the chickens and even more…..so efficient for a young person today. The bad news is that she is leaving after two months due to a fabulous internship offer in Austria at a newspaper for three months with very good pay. Her major is journalism. So the offer is perfect for her but a great loss for us at Sunrise.

Our volunteer, Gerusa, who left in early December for Brazil to spend time with her family, is returning to Tanzania March 4th. This will take a big burden off of me.

So many, many thanks to the sponsors of our orphans and to those that send me wonderful care packages filled with American food.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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