January 2015

January 2015 Newsletter

Hello All,

So much is happening in Uhekule. The Tanzanian government has given money to three villages to help repair some roads….maybe only three short roads but anything helps.

Yesterday I drove the Toyota Hilux (1990 pick-up) to Njombe, usually a distance of 28 kilometers, but the road we generally travel is so muddy and filled with pot holes every few inches, so I decided to take a back road that is longer, about 35 k.. Going to town in the morning was not bad, but while we (four of us) were in town shopping for supplies, it started to pour buckets. When we left town at 2:30 p.m., we did not arrive at the orphanage until 4:45. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive what would be the equivalent of about 24 miles. Of course, I drove because the villagers call me a “professional driver”. Thank God for stick shift and 4 wheel drive. We did do some fishtailing in the mud, but God saw us home safely.

Today we washed the mud off the truck, and I refuse to drive it again until the rainy season ends. We will take a taxi to town to get supplies……not that that is safe, believe me, they drive like crazy men back and forth frequently getting stuck in the mud. No one in the U.S. would believe these roads!!!!

Our new volunteer, Carina, is from Austria. She emailed me like many people do, saying she would like to help at the orphanage. I usually invite them, but don’t take much stock in their offer until they email that they have their ticket to Dar es Salaam. Well, Carina, emailed she would be coming in two weeks and actually did!! She arrived in Dar on the 15th of this month and to Uhekule on the 17th. She is a great volunteer. It took her a week to catch on to our routines. I think she speaks good English, but she does not think so. She is a “hands on” worker, but will only be with us for three months. Whatever, I was drowning in all the work and she has lightened my load. The kids love her,too.

Thanks to all of you that help me in so many ways…..care packages, supplies for the children, etc.

Many blessings to you,


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