July 2015

July 2015 Newsletter

This has been a busy month harvesting wheat. The extended families of our orphans (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) have come to help two Saturdays and finally all the wheat has been cut, by hand, dried and beaten with sticks to loosen the grain. So, we probably have 10 or more buckets (20 liter) of wheat grain that will be ground at the mill and used in our bread making. Gerusa and Rosie make about 13 loaves of bread every three days. It is always so very good.

The bad news is our 30 year old tractor broke down when Mekio and Asifiwe were plowing a firewall around our avocado field. So, now it is in 100 pieces laying on a tarp at the orphanage. Mekio went to Iringa and Mbeya to buy parts. As soon as he puts it back together, we can start to haul rocks from the mountain for the foundation for the workshop. So far, we have only made one trip. Our builder told us we must make about 60 trips to have enough to start construction. Oh, for a good, new tractor!!! (Our tractor does make money for the orphanage by hauling harvested crops from the fields….corn, potatoes and, of course, firewood for the villagers for cooking.) There are big trucks that come to the middle of the village waiting for the huge bags of potatoes and corn to transport to other areas of Tanzania and even other countries. These trucks will not drive to the fields, so our tractor does the work. But now it is disabled. Hopefully, for just a couple weeks.

Our orphans are doing just fine, all except for Nicky. He complained of a stomach ache on July 19th. I gave him some Pepto Bismo and sent him to bed. The next day he had a fever of 102.5, so I bundled him up and put him in the back seat of our 25 year old Toyota pickup and drove to the government hospital in Njombe. Long story short….they kept him for 3 days before they operated. His appendix had burst and peritonitis had set in. The little guy is lucky to be alive. I kept calling to find out what his blood white count was. Finally, I drove all the way back again and spoke with the assisting surgeon. He apologized about the fact their lab machine for doing a CBC was broken. Oh, well, Nicky lived by the Grace of God. It just wasn’t his time to leave us….thank the Lord.

Best wishes to all for a lovely summer. Of course, we are now in winter and our mornings are very cold….around 38 to 45 degrees f., but it almost always warms up to 75 during the day…so nice.      Bibi Kay

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