June 2015

June 2015 Newsletter

The plan was to start construction of the workshop, but like all projects in Tanzania, the motto is “just wait”. First, we had to have the markers made for the land ( survey/title.) That took weeks. The other drawback is that two farmers planted wheat on our 2.5 acres and will not be harvesting the wheat until July.

The good news is we harvested 6 or 7 liters of honey. We had a large swarm of bees trying to make their home in our cooking stove pipes. Finally, I called a friend from another village who does bee keeping. He and his friend came to site (the orphanage) and donned their gear. It was dusk, and they gathered the bees in a large bucket, and we took them to where we have 4 hives. What I didn’t realize is that two of the hives had honey, our first time as the hives never produced before mainly because the rats would take over the hives. But this time we lucked out. The honey is great and the kids love it.

The other good news is that Lucky, our cow, is pregnant. She came into season February 7th, I remember the day well because she bellowed from morning to night, but it was pouring down rain and the bull was 10 k. away. Who would want to walk her that far in the rain? Unbeknown to me or Gerusa, Mekio and two others brought to Lucky’s shed a very small, young bull from Uhekule Village. We all laughed thinking the little guy would need a ladder, but he got the job done. We hired a vet from town, and he said she was definitely pregnant due late November. While the vet was at the orphanage, he treated Shadow for mange, dewormed both cows, cut off the calf’s horns and answered lots of my questions…a good day

Christ of the Hills Church in Hot Springs Village, Ar. continues to send me monthly packages of American food…..so wonderful, thank you.

Kindly yours,

Bibi Kay

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