March 2015

March 2015 Newsletter

This has been a month of siafu….biting ants. They came several times and attacked our rabbits and all of us that fought them. Thousands and thousands of them running in long straight lines covering the cow shed, the grass and all around the rabbit hutches. They vary in size from small (juveniles) like the sweet ants in the U.S. to the size of sidewalk ants (adults), always heading to the warm areas of our bodies. One does not feel them climbing on the body until they bite…..very annoying and stressful. It took a several days to rid our orphanage area of the siafu.

The children are doing well in school. In fact, many of them are at the top of their class. They still have trouble with math and English, but we work with them at the orphanage whenever we can find the time. Two of our girls are in grade 7, so their National Exams will be in September and the results of those tests determine if they will go on to Secondary School (grades 8 through11).

Our cow continues to give us wonderful milk and the orphans love it. Very few village children get to enjoy milk. To my knowledge, there is only one other milk cow in the whole village.

A special thanks to those of you sponsoring our orphans. God bless you.

Bibi Kay

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