May 2015

May 2015 Newsletter

The month of May I was in the U.S., but Gerusa, Mekio and Courtney took care of the orphanage and many other duties. They are a good team.

We now have 11 rabbits, 24 laying hens, Lucky, our cow, and her 6 month old calf besides my dog, Shadow, and several cats.

While in the U.S., I did some fund-raising for my last big project, a workshop for teaching skills like carpentry, welding, electricity, tailoring and childcare. There are so many young people in the village unskilled and a couple of our orphans will not pass the national exam in grade 7; therefore, they will need to learn a skill for supporting themselves. In Uhekule Village, 95% of the people are farmers, but the work is seasonal, so a few have little shops, or they have bee hives, or do sewing on treadle machines, or repair bicycles, etc.

May is the last month for rain and the dry season begins and lasts six months….not a drop of rain. I am always amazed that the flowers still grow but we do have to water the gardens. Then we just pray our water supply will last until the rains begin again in late November or early December.

While in Hot Springs Village, a retired architect took my sketch of the workshop and did a great “blue print” to scale. We hope to start the work gathering the huge rocks up in the mountains for the foundation.

Blessings to all,

Bibi Kay

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