October 2015

Newsletter October 2015

So much has happened since my return from my visit in the U.S and back to Tanzania. The workshop is partially finished, the corn has been planted, the potatoes have been planted (several acres of both) and the kids are amazing.

The sad news is that Gerusa has returned to her homeland, Brazil. She served at Sunrise as a volunteer for almost two years. Now she is contemplating marriage and a real paying job. I miss her terribly as do the children. One of the amazing things she did was teach our two Grade 7 graduates how to cook. I told Gerusa that I DO NOT COOK anymore after 55 years of cooking. Well, these two young girls are just amazing in the kitchen, thanks to you, Gerusa!

We had a very spiritual experience with the orphans upon my return. A young man of 51 years passed away in July in Illinois of a serious heart problem unbeknown to all. Rodger had been a world traveler. He had been to all continents except Africa; and in 2016 his plan was to come to Tanzania to see me and visit several countries here. His father, Robert, and I grew up together and attended all 12 grades. His mother came to Genoa and spent the high school years with us.

Since Rodger was cremated, his parents, my dear friends, requested that I take some of his ashes with me back to Tanzania. I was privileged and honored to do so. Rodger’s spirit has now been in Africa.

So you will see in some of the pictures that I explained cremation to my kids. Here in my village, there is no embalming and burial must take place within 24 hours. So explaining cremation was definitely a new concept for them.

We prayed and then I spread Rodger’s ashes on the grounds of the orphanage. He has now been in Africa!  Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord! in Kiswahili.)

Two of our orphans have finished grade 7th, the last grade in my village. Because they have sponsors in America, they will be able to continue their education grades 8 through 11. How blessed we are that the Americans are willing to help these unfortunate kids receive an education. God bless Americans.

Until next month, God be with you.

Bibi Kay

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