September 2015

September 2015 Newsletter

Mekio, our wonderful fundi (tradesman), repaired the tractor and trips to the mountains for rocks has started. According to our builder for the workshop (vocational school), we will need to make 60 trips. The rocks will be broken up and used for the base of the foundation for the workshop.

Our builder, Ngoma, has brought his crew to Sunrise and has started the hand digging for the foundation. Sand has been dumped and cement has been purchased along with gravel. So work on the vocational school has started.

The children are well and happy. Elenesta and Tumpe graduate this month from primary school (grade 7) and will work at the orphanage until January when they travel to their Secondary Schools (grades 8 through 11) and board for four years. This is expensive schooling and many folks cannot afford to send their kids, especially the girls, to boarding school because Uhekule does not have a Secondary School. Tumpe will attend a private school and Elenesta will either go to a vocational school or a government school depending on her final grades received in December.

Please note the pictures of the 2.5 acres where the workshop will be built…..lots of rocks and sand.

Thank you for following along with progress at Sunrise and for your support.



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