August 2016

Hello Friends,

Our mornings and nights are getting a little warmer. Spring is on the way. Remember, we are just  opposite of your weather in the states. Of course, we are totally dry, no rain since May and not due until end of November or early December.  This makes feeding our three cows very difficult. They like to eat lots.

As you can see from the wedding pictures, people come to Sunrise and ask permission to photograph wedding parties at our site because of our flowers and partially green grass. This happens frequently when weddings take place in Uhekule Village. We usually get notice an hour or so before the party comes for picture taking. (Note my farmer’s garb.)

Our corn crop was very good this year. The shelling of corn is quite a procedure and extremely intense and fast. All must be in their positions before we start the tractor and have the sheller attached to the tractor pto. I am always highly nervous just before we start because the movement is quick and all must be ready in their positions. Staci, Lissa, Rhonda and Richard had never done this before. So, after instuctions, we began. It was rather funny to see all in action. The corn had been loaded into over a hundred cement bags  by the kids and volunteers and lined up for dumping into the sheller.  The kids were in school, so they could not help with the shelling process. We had 10  adults  running and doing their particular job.

We only stopped the tractor once to get a rest. When all was finished, we had somewhere between 35 and 40 bags filled each holding about 7 debe ( one debe equals about one 20 litre bucket). We plan to sell some of it as we only need about 24 bags for our own use.

We are always so grateful to our orphan’s sponsors and for the gifts of food and supplies sent to us.

Blessings to you,


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